I have been thinking about starting an exercise regimen for ever. I have never been able to do it. My husband encourages me but it never worked. So, when I read about the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels, I was not sure if I should buy it. Last week I was telling my husband about this DVD and he was instantly interested in it. Even he is trying to establish an exercise routine. He told me he would do it with me so that we can encourage each other.

So, last night we went to target and bought the DVD. Good thing is it only costs $10.00. We saw the DVD last night just to get a glimpse of what the workout would be like. It was okay. Nothing that we do not know. So, this morning, we get up and pop in the DVD and start working out. It is only a 20 min workout but she makes you work very hard. 10 min into the workout, my husband couldn’t do it any longer. I continued and finished the 20 min. The cardio and the ab exercises were okay. Strength training was horrible. I did a few moves with out the weights and it was still hard for me to do. We started with 5lb weights and realized that is too much. So, I am going to get 2 lb weights. We’ll eventually move up to 5lb weights.

At the end, I liked it. My legs are hurting like crazy now. I know I have to do it everyday to actually get results. After I was done, my husband said he was proud of me and he wants to be at least as good as I am! Now, that is going to motivate me.

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