We had been planning to go to the Chicago children’s museum from a long time and finally made it there last Saturday. We were not sure if Sarath would enjoy it, but we ended up spending the entire day in the museum. It was fabulous and Sarath loved it. They have nice exhibits and some specifically for kids aged 5 and under. Some exhibits keep changing but some are the same through out the year.

There is a ‘Play It Safe’ exhibit with a fire truck, hose and a realistic command center. Sarath did not want to do anything with the fire truck (for some reason, he is scared of the fire truck).

Then there is a ‘Skyline’ where we can build our own sky scrapers. We loved it more than Sarath. He was thrilled to use an actual screwdriver. DH decided to build a sky scraper and this is how it turned out:

The sky scraper we built

Then there were all the activities that Sarath was interested in. Big Backyard – where they have really big flowers, trees, grass etc basically mimicking a backyard in a giant size.

Sarath checking out the butterflies projected onto the screen

Kids town: The kids could go grocery shopping, cook in the fancy kitchen, fix plumbing for the play house, drive a city bus etc.. There were some areas in the kids town specifically for infants.

Sarath cooking in the Kids town

There were lots of other activities which included fishing (plastic and cloth fish of course), canoeing, cooking in a log cabin etc which he thoroughly enjoyed. By 4:00 pm, me and DH were ready to get out of there but Sarath was so excited and active. We finally came out at 5:00 and were very tired. Sarath was so tired that he slept on the way to the parking lot.

We are definitely going back in a couple of months to check out the new exhibits and hopefully have more fun. The best part is that the museum is all indoors – a perfect place to entertain kids in winter.

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