Today I decided to take it easy. I did not make a work plan for today nor did I work on anything useful. It was very relaxing. Just regular stuff like cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.. I got a jump start at the pile of laundry which usually sits in our laundry room until Saturday morning. Guess what… I am half way done with this week’s laundry. I did get a lot of time to read some magazines, surf on the internet and do some research on publishing children’s books. Although even after all that surfing and calling a few people, I am still where I was and do not have a clue about what needs to be done to get started on books.

I did exercise for 45 minutes and it feels really good. I relaxed the whole day and in the evening could not decide on what to make for dinner. I wanted something different today. So, I made instant dosa. It is very simple, quick and healthy. It turned out very nice.

Well, I have a lot of work for the weekend and hope I can get it all done before Monday. So, have a great weekend.

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