I love gardening. I love indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor plants give any house the feeling of home. They brighten up the place and also give you clean air to breathe. Gardening is a good exercise too! Unfortunately, we live in a place where the summer lasts only 3 months and added to that, we have a small balcony where we can fit only 5 or 6 plants. So, I get disappointed by that but I still try to get the maximum benefit out of it.

The next thing I love is scrap booking. I discovered this while I was home after graduation looking for a job. I was so bored and so decided to re arrange all the photos that were lying around in our house. Once I found out how nice it is to scrapbook and save the pictures, I was very excited. I have learn’t some amazing techniques and have improved a lot since my first scrapbook page 🙂 Now when we are on vacation, I look for some nice postcards or take some pictures just to include in the scrapbook.

Cooking is another hobby of mine. I try to make fresh food everyday and always try to make some special dishes on the weekends. I love many cuisines – Indian(of course), Thai, Mexican, Italian and Chinese. I can make some exotic South Indian and North Indian dishes.

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  1. Gardening can be such fun!! Another blogger blogged about it – posted pictures and covered the day to day progress of how he grew tomatoes.
    He even created a vermiculture pit!

    1. I love gardening. Unfortunately we do not have so much place to garden 🙁 I do manage to grow some plants in our small balcony but, that does not involve much effort at all. If we had a yard, I would have spent most of my summer gardening 🙂

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