Life has been crazy busy until now (it still is but at least I could find some time to write something here). A lot happened in the last few months which included our moving from the Mid West to the Pacific North West. With a toddler and an infant, the move itself was very tiring. We had to put up our house on sale and had to get the house cleaned and ready – which took up the most time before we left our old place. I was literally in tears when we were leaving our house back in the mid west. We bought that house 6 months after we got married. It was the first home to both of our kids. Sarath remembers a lot about that house. We had such good times in that house. I convinced myself that we are going to have a lot more fun in the new place and got onto the flight.

It took us more than a month to settle down. A month after we found an apartment, I went to India with the kids for my brothers wedding. That one month was fun. The wedding went off very well. I couldn’t believe that my little brother was getting married!! It was a lot of fun. DH (aka S from now on) also came to the wedding but we did not travel together. So, the journey to and from India was in itself a very tedious one – me traveling with both the kids. But, the kids were amazing and were very good on the flight. I could not sleep on the flight at all but that was okay.

After coming back, we started our search for a day care for Sarath. We finally found one that me, S and Sarath liked. So, that is one of the main reasons I could get back to this blog. Sarath happy at day care, Sanjay happily sleeping & myself having some leisure time.

There are lots of pending posts that need to be added. Hopefully I will find the time to write regularly. Till then.. bye.


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