Living a healthy life is not so easy. There are a lot of things to take care of and these habits need to stay with us for life. That is very very difficult. I have been trying to make healthy habits but, they do not stick with me. I just do not have the will power to exercise regularly, eat properly and take care of myself. When it comes to my son or DH, I am so cautious and careful. DH always tells me to put myself first and take required rest when ever needed. I do not listen to him most of the times even though I know he is right. Now, all this carelessness is taking a toll on me. I have been feeling very weak for the past few weeks. I do not feel like cooking, cleaning.. nothing. All I want to do is just sleep. I feel sleep deprived even after 8 hours sleep at night. So, I went to the doctor and she had some blood tests done to check for anemia, blood glucose, thyroid problems and cholesterol. I am still waiting for the results.

I know that I am at high risk for both diabetes and high cholesterol levels. My mom has had diabetes for a long time and my dad has both high blood glucose and high cholesterol levels. My dad has undergone a bypass surgery long back. So, I am definitely at high risk. Am I doing anything to prevent it from happening to me?? NO! It is scary.

On the weekend, I thought a lot about all this and the very thought that I am not doing anything scared me. When I was pregnant, I was at my healthiest. I ate properly, drank the recommended 3 cups of milk, ate my fruits and took my prenatal vitamins every single day. The minute I delivered, I stopped caring about myself. When Sarath started eating solid foods, I gave him all the veggies and fruits every single day but never remembered or cared to eat them myself. Now, I can vouch that he has better food habits than me.

But, I know I need to change. I need to make better habits to feel good, be a good mom and stay healthy and in shape. So, I decided to start changing things around the house. DH is going to help me with all of this. It is not going to be easy, that I know. I am willing to put myself through it for my son. I decided that Sarath is going to be my motivating factor. I am going to remind myself everyday that:

1. I need to be healthy to raise a healthy well behaved child. So, I need to take care of myself.

2. I am going to put myself first and relax when needed to.

Eating right is the easier part. Exercise is the major thing. I can always find a very good excuse not to exercise. I am an expert at this. Exercising everyday is going to be the most challenging thing for me. But, I am going to do it. I look at my mom and mother-in-law who are in their fifties and are healthier than me. I am happy for them. But, I need to be healthier than them. I am still in my thirties. They are going to be my motivation for exercising. DH and me have started the 30 day shred again – for the third time. We have lots of fun doing it and encourage each other. Hopefully, we will keep doing it. I am planning to join a gym and go there at least 3 times a week. If I look at other people exercising, I’ll probably get motivated too. Hopefully I will put all my plans into practice. Please wish me Good Luck!

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  1. It’s so funny that something as simple as eating and sleeping well as well as exercising seems so hard to follow.

    and the worst part is as u grow older u realize health is not reversible!

    All the best TM – it’s admirable that u are making the effort at least

  2. Good that you have started on this path. life is so much betetr when we eat and exercise right and the kdis give the best motivation. Now a days when I can barely do anything, a smile form the little one is what keeps me going! Of course Dh’s are the best…not much is posisble without them either! All the best!

  3. Yeah dear you are correct…the simple routine of eating and sleeping healthy and on time seems really difficult to follow…My wishes for your new determination !

  4. Not a healthy life..that sounds like my life story. I dont have kids yet. So I am scared about how I am going to take care of hte baby. if I cant take care of myself. Not sure how it goes.

    Anyway, Lots of good luck to . We will try to keep you motivated. I know as a mom, you dont get much time, but 40 minutes every day is all you need. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your motivation.

      OMG! 40 minutes a day!!!! I will be happy if I can do 20 min a day for a week without interruptions. When I can work out for 40 min a day, I’ll jump joy. But, no harm in aiming high right 🙂

  5. Came here through Nuttie’s blog. I’ve been procrastinating on this for a while. But now, I think I should do something seriously too. Thanks!

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