That’s what I thought when my son was a baby. I always said to myself, once he gets to the age where he can understand things and talk properly, it will be easier to deal with him. But, slowly I started realizing that this is not true. Actually, on some level I guess I always knew it was going to get difficult. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get him to listen to us. He used to fear time outs but now, it has become a joke to him. If we tell him not to do certain things, he just makes sure to do them. Sometimes he is just playing to see what the consequences will be. Shouting never worked with him in the past and it doesn’t work now. We have to talk with him peacefully and settle the issue. But, often times, we do not have the energy or the patience to talk.

On the other hand, he seems to have all the energy to talk all day non stop. It is very cute but at some point during the day, I just feel like I need some peace and quiet at home. He has already started asking questions about everything. Thank God he does is not asking the ‘Why’ questions yet. But, I guess, those are just around the corner. Sometimes, he is the sweetest, most adorable kid in this universe and half an hour later, I am yelling at him at the top of my voice.

I know that it is not going to get easier as he grows older, but I wish it was. In a way it is easier as in he asks for food when he is hungry, he eats by himself, he is halfway through potty training (which is a big relief) and he can keep himself occupied while I am working. So, I guess it is just a matter of time when he will be completely taking care of himself and making it easier for me but, is going to get increasingly difficult to discipline him.

According to my brother, mom’s and dad’s have special powers to deal with their kids. So, hope this special power will give us the ability to come up with new ideas and also energy to deal with his tantrums and his questions.

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  1. I remember many frenz saying the same are better to handle when they don;t know how to walk/talk. As they start growing older they becoming naughtier !

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