Why do kids have such a hard time falling asleep? They never seem to be in the mood to sleep. We are having this problem with my son. He does not trouble us in any way except when it comes to sleeping. He used to be very good in this too, but as he is getting older, his eagerness to sleep is diminishing. We struggle a lot with bed time now. Some days it takes and hour and he is still not asleep. I keep thinking may be he is not getting enough physical play time during the day and so he is not tired. But, if we let him stay awake, he gets excited and starts jumping around the house like crazy and eventually gets very cranky.

So, I started waking him up a little bit early in the morning and getting him to take an early afternoon nap. That helped a little bit. We are again off the track. Me and my husband take turns at bedtime. We read him his favorite books and then sit by him until he falls asleep.

In a month or so, the weather will get better and we can go outside and play in the evenings. The neighbors kids will be out and it will be nice. So, I am hoping all that play outsde will get him tired and eventually he will fall asleep soon. For now, I keep telling myself that this is just a phase.

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