Originally, I wasn’t going to write a post about my birthday. But, now I feel like I should document this day. Today, as usual I woke up earlier than everybody. I went down to enjoy my morning cup of tea. I called my parents and talked with them for over an hour. Then, I talked to my brother for a while. By this time the kids were awake and they had their milk and were playing. Usually Sarath is good at remembering birthdays. Today, he forgot. When S reminded him, he was happy that it was my birthday. He made a big deal out of everything. He kept telling me that I should take total rest today and he and S will cook and make everything for me. After that S declared that I am not allowed into the kitchen 🙂

I was very happy to oblige with that. After they took over the kitchen, I spent my time applying henna to my hair, having a relaxed shower and getting dressed. By the time I came down after my shower, lunch was half way done!! S is an amazing cook. Sometimes he has more patience than me. He made bisibelebath with appadams for lunch and it was very yummy. After lunch, I had to go to Seattle for a meeting. By the time I came back, the house was empty. I knew S and the kids had gone to the grocery store. I called and asked S if I should come but, he asked me not to come. So, I made some tea and settled down with my laptop to get some work done. After about an hour, S called and said that hey have a surprise for me and I should close my eyes 🙂

So, I sat on the sofa like a little kid and closed my eyes with my hands. Then all of them came in and gave me my surprises. They got me a musical card, a happy birthday balloon, two small cakes, chips and my favorite ice cream 🙂 🙂 🙂 The kids were so excited to give me the surprises. Looking at their happy faces made my day 🙂 This is the only time we get to have a girly cake 🙂


S was worried that this cake will not be enough for all of us. So, he bought another cake – tiramisu. They also bought potato chips because according to Sanjay, birthday should have cake and chips 🙂

IMG_1588They also got me this beautiful balloon 🙂


After eating the cake, S gave me the gift I actually asked for. A couple of months back, S made some amazing chilli panneer. It was so amazing that I don’t like chilli panneer anywhere else now 🙂 I asked him to make it for me today. So, after the cake, he made the chilli panneer. I ate so much today that I don’t think I am going to be hungry for breakfast tomorrow.

Before going to bed, Sarath got the balloon and clipped it to the lamp shade on my night stand. When I walked in, I did not see it immediately. But, when I saw it, I was just very very happy. Kids are so thoughtful sometimes 🙂


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