Today when I woke up, I started thinking about my birthdays and how I always love to celebrate on my big day. Today is the one day in the year that is mine. I usually make a big deal about birthdays. But, after having kids, I have toned down my birthday celebration but, still try to enjoy my day to the core.

S gave me a pearl necklace and earrings set which I love. I wore it all day today. He bought that last month and told me that it was for my birthday. Even after buying me that, he kept asking me what else I wanted. So, I told him that he should come home early today and make dinner. But, he is on call this week and we know he wouldn’t be able to make it early. I was all set on making chapati and some sabji for dinner. But, S was a few steps ahead of me. He dropped the kids off at school and daycare, went to the store and bought the required stuff and cooked. He made aloo paratha, shahi paneer and navratan kurma in the morning and went to work a little bit late. Not only did he make dinner, he loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen spotless.

When I came home in the evening with kids, I was initially surprised to see that he had cleaned the kitchen but then I realized he had cooked everything and put it on the table. I was speechless! It made me so happy 🙂 I immediately called him and thanked him. I really did not have anything to do in the kitchen today. It felt really good. He said he followed some recipe from the internet and everything tasted amazing. I loved the navratan kurma. He also made more than required so that we can eat that on the weekend 🙂

He never ceases to amaze me 🙂 It was the best surprise gift I got so far 🙂

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