Today my son found ways to entertain himself. By that I mean, emptying out shelves that he cannot even reach, using the step stool to its maximum extent, breaking the door of our entertainment unit. There are two small shelves on either side of the entertainment unit which used to hold our DVD’s and video cassettes. When my son started pulling everything out, we emptied one shelf and let him put his stuff and we put a child lock on the other. Today, he was playing near his shelf and bent on the door and it suddenly broke. I did not even understand how that happened. That was not probably all his fault.

When I was making dinner, he was awfully quiet and it only means one thing…. he is up to some mischief. So, I went into his room to see that he has emptied a draw completely. I was amazed that he could reach that and empty it. I thought “wow he is getting taller”. Then I saw the step stool beneath the draw. I took all that stuff and temporarily put it on our breakfast bar. He cannot reach it. But, where there is a will there is a way – step stool to the rescue. He is up there right behind me with this step stool.

So, now I don’t understand where can I put the stuff to be out of his reach? Up on the top shelf? Then I would need around 50 of them. At times like these, I wonder how do people manage 4 kids??? I don’t think I can.

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