This week S is out on an official trip. I hate it when he is out of town. He helps me in the mornings also drops off the kids in the morning. Now, I have to do all that by myself and also cook and clean and everything. More than that, when he is in town, we usually get to talk for a few min after the kids are asleep. Just talking about our day makes me feel relaxed. Yesterday, the kids were missing him so, we connected with face time and they spoke with daddy. Sanjay was very happy with that. Today, Sanjay kept asking for face time since he came home from day care. He is missing him very much. Before going to bed, I connected with S via face time and Sanjay was just over excited. It felt so sad to see him miss his dad. The look of pure joy on his face was priceless.

Sarath is missing him too but, he understands that he will be back over weekend. Sarath does try to help me a little around the house when S is away. Yesterday, I read them books and sat with them for a little while. Then I told them that I had to clean the dishes so, they have to sleep. Sarath then asked me “why didn’t you tell me amma? I could have helped you.” I was very happy when he said that.

The only part I am not happy about is that my cold is back 🙁 Normally, when I have a cold this bad, I snuggle up under the covers and let S take care of kids and dishes and everything. Somehow every time S is out of town, I seem to have a bad cold.  Today, it was very bad and I just felt helpless. Although, I did not cook much, it still feels very tired. Luckily, the kids did not have any tantrums today and I am very happy that tomorrow is Friday. I can relax a little in the evening and I don’t have to worry about rushing out on Saturday morning.

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