Today at dinner time, Sarath was refusing to eat something and I came up with a simple story about some food that did not like until I tried it 3 times. From there the conversation went like this:

Sarath: When did this happen?

Me: in 2002.

Sarath: Were you an adult at that time?

Me: Yes

Sarath: amma, when did you become an adult?

Me: After I was 20 years old.

Sarath: When will I be an adult? When I turn 20?

Me: You have to grow up slowly and then you become an adult. You don’t suddenly become an adult when you wake up on your 20th birthday.

Sarath: but amma, I am only 6 years old now. I am not even in my teens. It will be a long time before I am an adult.

He had a very sad face when he said this. I couldn’t help laughing at his thinking 🙂

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