Category: Language

  • Sanskrit Lessons

    This year has been the most unique year for everyone. My in-laws are currently with my brother in law and family. Over the summer break, my father in law asked if the kids would like to learn Sanskrit. S and I were happy although the kids were not sure. He started teaching Sanskrit to Sarath […]

  • Telugu Magnets

    In an attempt to teach Telugu to Sarath, we only spoke to him in Telugu all the time. When he started talking, I taught him the names of everything in Telugu and English. So, as he grew up, he quickly learned that there are two languages. So, it was easy for him to go back […]

  • More Rhymes for Tulika Blogathon

    Here are some more rhymes for Tulika Blogathon. 1. Chuku chuku railu vastondi pakkaki pakkaki jaragandi aaginaka ekkandi jo jo paapa edavaku laddu mithai tinipista kammani paalu taagista Translation: The choo choo train is coming, so move away everybody and only get in after the train stops. Oh my sweet baby, do not cry. I […]

  • My mother tongue

    I came across this interesting question at the Tulika Books about mother tongue. How different are the written and spoken forms of your first language? If you want children to become familiar with their first language, which form would you look for in children’s books – formal or informal? Why? My mother tongue is Telugu. […]

  • Raising a Reader

    I was always fond of books for as long as I can remember. As a kid I read books regularly. I used to go to libraries with my uncle and I loved it. So, when I had a son, I wanted him to be a book lover. Books are always great companions. My son showed […]

  • Speaking English

    It is amazing how fast kids learn. A couple of months back, my son did not know how to speak English. He just knew a few words. He is very fluent in Telugu. He had trouble communicating outside home. So, we decided to teach him English hoping that he remembers Telugu as well.  Fast forward […]

  • Raising a bilingual child

    I can read, write and speak three languages and so can my husband. We were taught these languages at school and we just know them. In fact almost everybody in India can speak at least two languages and many people can easily speak 4 or 5. That is very common. Now, we are raising our […]