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  • Shelter in Place – Week 2

    This is the second week of us being at home. Here is California, we have the shelter in place orders. We can only go out for groceries and emergencies. Week 1 was generally okay. Schools are closed and we are working from home. I always work from home, so that’s not new to me, but […]

  • Conversations

    Sarath hops out of the bus without his jacket. Me: Where is you jacket? Sarath: In lost and found.. Me: So, why didn’t you take it? Sarath: Because, I was playing soccer and left it outside and forgot about it when I went to class. Me: So, how do you know it is in lost […]

  • Conversations

    Sarath was getting late one morning and he just wouldn’t do things any faster. I was constantly telling him to eat fast and put his socks and shoes. It was finally less than 5 min for the bus to come and he was coolly chatting. I was just furious. I helped him put his socks […]

  • Random Musings

    The memorial day weekend – a glorious 3 day weekend was spent cleaning our house. We had planned on going somewhere but we were not able to get a hotel in the last minute and we cancelled it. The kids had a great time playing what ever they wanted and watching a bit too much […]

  • Sibilings

    They laugh, they play, they fight, they cannot live without each other. The one thing they have in common – driving me crazy. This is the story of the two brothers in our household. They are so different yet they are similar. I always wanted to have two kids. So, when I was pregnant the […]