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  • Summer 2022

    Summer 2022

    I finally made the time to write about our summer. After two years of not traveling, this summer was a welcome change. The summer went by in a jiffy – maybe I should say summer vacation because in California, summer is not over until end of October. Our summer vacation was super busy yet relaxing […]

  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe has been on our list of places to visit for a long time. in July this year, we finally managed to visit the place. We decided to go during the July 4th weekend. We weren’t able to finalize our plans until the last minute. The weekend before the 4th, we booked the hotel […]

  • Trip to Victoria BC – Day 3

    Here is the final post about our Victoria trip. Here are the previous posts – day 1 and day 2. On day 3, we had planned to go whale watching. We checked out of the hotel in the morning, and left for the harbor. Our whale watching boat was in the afternoon.  Since we didn’t […]

  • Trip to Victoria BC – Day 2

    Trip to Victoria BC – Day 2

    Okay, here I am writing about our Victoria trip in bits and pieces. We went for a three day trip. I wrote about Day 1 here. On the second day, we had planned to go to Butterfly Gardens and Butchart Gardens. We booked this as a package along with the ferry. So, all we did […]

  • Trip to Victoria, BC – Day 1

    Trip to Victoria, BC – Day 1

    We have been in Seattle for more than 5 years, but we never made the trip to Canada. Vancouver is just 3 hours driving distance away. We had planned a trip multiple times, but always had to cancel it for some reason. So, as soon as we decided to move to CA, we were sad […]

  • Cayman Islands

    I found this picture from the our Amazon cloud drive. The cloud drive shows pictures from “This day” and shows all the pictures taken on a particular day in different years. So, today it showed me this pic and I couldn’t help but share it here 🙂 This was 7 years ago when we went […]

  • Feels Good to be back home

    We just got back from a week long vacation to Orlando. We have been planning this trip for a while now and finally, we got good tickets using airline miles. We originally planned on leaving on Saturday and coming back on Saturday. But, the tickets were expensive due to Spring break. So, we left last […]

  • London Trip Day 1

    Last summer, we took a stop over in London on our way back from India. We spent 4 days in London. It was very tiring but, we enjoyed a lot. The kids had so much fun riding the underground train (tube), the open top buses and taking a ferry ride on the Thames river. When […]

  • Swarm – Photo 101

    This is an intersection in New York city. After coming to the US, the first time I saw so many people walking on streets was in New York. Even though I was used to seeing many people on the streets in India, I had never seen that in the US and it was very interesting […]

  • Architecture – Photo 101

    This is Byodo-in-temple in Hawaii.