I read this somewhere and have been thinking about it all last week. Last Saturday was the last working day for my dad. He is now a retired man! It kind of feels weird to think that he is not going to work anymore! It is a big change! I mean as long as I have known him, he has gone to work. He loved his work and put his sincere efforts into it all the while giving time for his family. He got paid for his efforts and retired in a good position.

My mom worked too and took voluntary retirement 10 years back. It did not feel weird that my mom was going to stay home. It was a welcome change for me. But, now it feels a little weird. But, I am happy 🙂 After all the years of slogging, he finally gets to relax and enjoy life! Now, he has all the time in the world to come here and spend time with us.

Most important of all, my dad is happy to be retired now. He wants to do some social service and spend more time with his grand son which I feel is the best. My mom is happy that he is going to be home although she is not sure how he will be able to spend his time. I suggested blogging but, he is not so sure about it.

Now, I am waiting for the days when we can go to Hyderabad or my parents visiting here and not worry about my dad’s vacation. Cheers to a happy retirement!

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  1. That just sounds like my dad 🙂 Some times I think what my dad is going to do too..I know my dad wants to keep working..:)
    Hope he enjoys a wonderful time with you all..

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