I am coming home from picking up Sanjay from the day care. He asked me if he can watch Curious George in the evening and I told him that he can watch it after Sarath is done with his homework. So, we come home, the kids eat snack and are ready to play. Sarath is in the bathroom and Sanjay is standing outside waiting for him:

Sanjay: anna, come out soon

Sarath: ok

Sanjay: come out soon and finish your homework. If you don’t finish your home work, no Curious George for ME!!!!! So, please come out……

I was just laughing so hard listening to this conversation  🙂


There is a small half wall between our kitchen and living room that serves as a good timeout place for Sanjay. He cannot get down from there. Yesterday Sanjay was not listening to me during dinner and this is how our conversation went:

Me: If you don’t listen to me, I will have to give you a timeout.

Sanjay: Ok but, make me sit on the left wall.

Me: &*$^#&#*


I went to a movie with DIL on Sunday. I left when Sanjay was asleep. So, he was talking to me about it at night.

Sanjay: amma, where did you go?

Me: I went to a movie.

Sanjay: amma, you are supposed to go to office!! not a movie!!


During dinner one night:

Sarath: amma, I want to get used to eating tomato pickle.

Me: Why?

Sarath: If one day, I am at a place where they only have tomato pickle, I should be able to eat it right? So, I will eat it everyday now.

I keep wondering why this logic does not apply to vegetables and other healthy stuff?





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