Sarath was getting late one morning and he just wouldn’t do things any faster. I was constantly telling him to eat fast and put his socks and shoes. It was finally less than 5 min for the bus to come and he was coolly chatting. I was just furious. I helped him put his socks and shoes and when he was about to go, I pulled him into a quick hug and said “Have a nice day”. So, this guy instead of running to the bus stop, asks me “why did you hug me when you are already so mad at me?”. I just laughed and told him “even though I am mad at you, I still want you to have a good day”. He was perplexed by it. But, my mood instantly changed and I was not mad any more 🙂 Kids always know how to make us laugh. He did miss the bus that day and S had to drop him in the car.


Now that Sanjay is in pre-school, they make him write alphabets and numbers. So, yesterday, I was trying to get Sanjay to practice writing numbers at home. He loves to write numbers more than alphabets. He was holding the pencil with all five fingers.

Me: Sanjay, that’s not how you hold a pencil.

Sanjay: amma, you are doing it all wrong. My teacher told me to hold it with five fingers.

Now, how can I convince him?


We are at a store and I had to take Sarath to the bathroom.

Sarath: amma, what are tampons?

Me: Well… they are something that women use.

A week later…. the same question. I gave him the same answer only this time he was not satisfied.

Sarath: I know that women use them. But, what do they use it for?

Me: (thinking hard about what to tell him)…. well, I haven’t used it. So, I am not really sure.

Then I told him that they are private things and he shouldn’t go asking anybody about it. I told him to come to me or S if he has any questions like this. I was just not prepared for this type of conversation this early. Now, I think I should start piling up some answers. Sigh! Parenting is hard…


Sanjay is obsessed about firefighters. He learn’t about them in pre-sschool and now he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. One day he asked me “amma – do you know why we need fire?”

Me: No

Sanjay: we need fire so that the firefighters can fight it.


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