Cooking is really big part of my routine. I am very much against eating out on a regular basis. I like cooking and there are days when I put my best effort into it and I love it. Usually, I wake up early so that I can get most of the cooking done for the day before I go to work. When I am organized and have everything ready for the morning, I am at my best. I can finish the cooking in an hour. Somehow it does not feel like a stressful chore to me. But, I also try to alternate the type of foods that I cook so that I am not slogging in the morning every day.

Since Sarath started Kindergarten, my choices have gone down a bit. Me and S are ready to take anything for lunch on weekdays. But, for Sarath, I have to make sure that he can eat it quickly, it will fill him up and also that it will taste good when it is cold. He does not have access to microwave at school. So, that is the part I struggle with mostly.

Usually, I make idli batter on alternate weekends and it will come for an entire week. I also have channa, black beans, rajma etc ready in the freezer so I can make some quick sabji for chapati. We try to cut the vegetables on the weekend and put some of it in the freezer so that it is a lot easier in the mornings. S does help me a lot with cutting vegetables. We do include Sarath in the meal planning for the day. It helps a lot as he knows what to expect the next day and has lesser problems with the food given.

Overall, I would say that I enjoy cooking. I used to try out a lot of new recipes and come up with some of my own. There are days where I just don’t feel like cooking anything in the morning. Those days we just eat outside and Sarath gets to eat pizza at school.

The only thing I am not happy is that I am not a great cook. Yes, I cook well but I think I can do much better. I really should start trying out new recipes and come up with some easy to cook, easy to eat healthy recipes.


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