This year, the festivities are different. We have the bommala koluvu as usual, but did not visit anyone or have people over in the 10 days of Navratri. It all feels different. I have been meaning to buy more dolls for the koluvu whcih hasn’t happened this year either. Hopefully, next year I will have more to fill the steps.

Every year I make plans to make something special everyday for all the 10 days of Navratri. It usually never happens as we don’t have holidays and we are busy. So, I give up on the third or the fourth day. Thus year I made it happen. I made something special every day of Navratri. I think the lack of morning rush hour made it possible.

I also made little quantities which made it easy. Kids liked it and they also tasted everything I made. I tried a couple of new things and a few of their favorites.

Here are the pictures of all the items I made in the ten days.

The one new thing I tried was Sesame and peanute laddu with jaggery. I really liked it, but the kids didn’t. I ended up eating all of the laddus 🙂

I love rava kesari (sooji halwa) and I always add the orange color because I like it. This time, the kids wanted to make the same thing in a different color. I did protest a little, but they won the argument and I ended up making it in blue and orange (for my liking). The blue halwa even got my mom’s approval 🙂

Overall even with the lockdowns and Covid19 and everything else going on, we found a way to make the 10 days special and memorable. Hope you all had a great festival too!

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