Today being Ganesh Chathurthi, I was narrating the story of how Parvathi makes a small boy and how Shiva gets angry at the boy and slains the boy’s head etc etc… instead of telling him that Shiva killed the small boy, I told him that Shiva hurt the boy and the small boy was in pain. Then immediately Sarath asked me “amma, did Shiva tell sorry to the small boy? because it is not nice to hurt others”. I couldn’t help laughing. Then I told him that Shiva was very sorry about what he did and that he apologized to the small boy and fit him with an elephant head. That made Sarath happy.

BTW, we had a great puja this morning. Even Sarath was up early and wore traditional clothes and was very happy that I gave him his favorite pulihara (tamarind rice) for lunch 🙂

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