On Diwali this year, I got a lot of wishes as usual. One wish stood out in particular. It was from a neighbor whose son is the same age as Sarath. She wrote “Happy Diwali!! Thank you for being a great friend and part of my support system as I try it balance my family and work”.

Her son R and Sarath go to the same school. I pick up R most of the days after school. Shilpa was trying to figure out how to pick up her son from school as they all started middle school. I graciously offered to pick him up. In turn she offered to drop off Sarath at school in the morning.

This is the support system we have built. I am very happy to help out a parent in need. I think this is what we need more of. Parents supporting each other and not judging each other whether we work full time or part time. I work from home and the stress is still the same. The only part I am happy about is that I don’t have to commute.

Hope everyone has a support system as they manage their families and careers.

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