I am so happy to say that our bed time battles with our 2 year old have ended. I am not sure when it will come back. For now, we are rejoicing the moments. Every parent (including me) record milestones for their kids. That usually involves their first smile, their first food, first time they started walking etc. Nobody makes a big deal about when the kids start eating by themselves, or sleeping by themselves. I decided to make sure to enjoy these simple milestones as well as they give me some freedom.

These are big milestones for the kids as well and I love the new freedom. We always had a bed time routine to read books. We still do that. After story time, I just cover him with a blanket, turn the lights off and come out of the room. He then falls asleep by himself. The good part about all this is he stays asleep during the entire night. Before this he usually woke up at least once and we either had to go to his room to help him fall asleep or we put him on our bed and he used to fall asleep instantly. Either way, we had to wake up at least once at night. Now, even we get a good night’s sleep.

So, what did we do to get him to fall asleep by himself? Practically nothing. We never forced him. Maybe that is the key? I do not know. I guess we are just lucky.

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  1. Hey hi, just chanced upon your blog. Read a few of them…you have a very simple way of putting things in words. Please keep the posts coming 🙂

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