Sarath started Day care today (Pre-School as he calls it). He was very excited this morning. In fact he has been excited since last night. I gathered everything that he would need today and put them on the counter last night. He wanted to put his backpack along with the other stuff. He has two backpacks and he could not decide the one he wanted to take with him. Initially he said he was going to take both and then decided not to take either. He just took his Cars lunch bag. I made him Tamarind rice (his favorite) for lunch.

Me and DH went to the pre-school to drop him off. He carried his lunch bag with him and was very excited as we went inside. We went into his room and off he went to play. There were so many new toys that kept him busy as I talked to his teachers. He then gave me a hug, kiss and waved good bye cheerfully. I was the one who was very anxious about leaving him there for a full day.

I called back an hour and half later to find out he was doing great and had not asked for me even once. Then after lunch came the dreading news – he was upset because I wasn’t around. My eyes were filled with tears and I just wanted to run and hug him and tell him everything will be okay. Sigh! But, I know it will be easier for him to adjust without me in the picture. I’ll probably be calling back in the next hour to see if he is okay. (Writing this post is a way of keeping myself busy until I can call them again :))

The main reason we decided to send him was because he is getting bored at home. He needs to be with kids his age. The other reason is that I need some time to work. Being a full time mom and a part-time freelancer is not easy. I have a couple of projects now and I need to concentrate. So, if he goes to day care part time, I can concentrate on my work and spend more time with him when he is home. Until last week, I used to hog my laptop whenever I got some time to work. Now, it will be easier to finish my work on the days Sarath goes to day care and the other days I am planning not to think about work but do some fun things with him, catch up on my scarapbooking, reading, sewing etc.

I got used to him being around so much that the house feels empty and there is pin drop silence which I only experience when Sarath naps in the afternoon. It is probably going to take me a week to get used to this. As far as working now, I am trying my best to concentrate and get things done. But, thank God I have something to work on. Otherwise, I would have gone crazy without Sarath around the whole day. I cannot wait to hear what Sarath has to say about pre school. I am sure that will be another post.

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