Myself and S are always planning on going out on weekends but, most of the weekends we end up spending time at home doing nothing in particular. We love those lazy days too. But, being in Seattle, the number of sunny days in an year is small. So, according to S, if we stay indoors on a sunny weekend, it is a crime!

Today we originally had plans to go to the mall to buy me some clothes. When we woke up we saw that it was going to be sunny and S immediately started making plans to go out somewhere. I had a sore throat all last night and was not feeling my best this morning. But, then again I thought I’ll feel better if I get myself out of the house and so agreed on going some place. After some discussion we settled on going for a scenic drive, eating some sandwiches (picnic lunch) and then go to the mall. So, we made sandwiches and packed everything we needed and headed out. We did not plan on any particular route. So, we decided to go the Snoqualmie fall which is a short drive from our place. We had been there almost more than an year ago. The water fall is very nice and today being sunny it did not feel as cold either.

As soon as we reached the waterfalls, Sarath said he was hungry. So, we sat in the car and ate our sandwiches and then went to see the falls.

The kids loved it. Here are some pics 🙂



By the time we went back to the car, my sore throat and cold had increased and my ears started hurting as well. So, we headed back home. Sanjay slept in the car and when we got home he woke up and decided not to sleep again and also decided on not letting me sleep 🙁 So, all my hopes of having a good nap vanished. By the evening, I felt very sick as if I had fever and I started feeling very cold. I just sat in bed and S made tea for me and also made dinner. By dinner time, I stared feeling worse and so I ate quickly and settled in bed with a space heater in our room. S took care of the kids, putting them to bed and also everything in the kitchen. Isn’t he the best husband? I think so. I still feel very tired. Hopefully I’ll get some good sleep tonight and will feel better tomorrow.

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  1. Me and Murali also think its a sin to stay home on sunny days. But with Abhi and Achu being so small and me very particular about keeping them on a schedule, we don’t get to go out much these days.

    It was very nice of S to take care of you. Feel better soon. 🙂

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