Sarath had just finished his breakfast and I gave him water in a spill proof cup with a straw. I was sending out some important emails. Five minutes later, when I look at him, he managed to pour some water from the spill proof cup on to the chair cushion. His shorts all wet and a big wet patch on the sofa. I immediately took the sippy cup, changed his shorts and said “see there is a big wet patch on the chair. How will you sit in the chair now? It is wet….” and without delay he answers “paper makkin”(paper napkin). He saw us clean up spills using paper towels. I couldn’t stop laughing. He is only 18 months. Then he went through the trash can in his room which by the way has shirt tags, some paper trash etc.. and found a piece of tissue. He comes running to me saying “paper makkin”. I did not know what to say. I told him that I cannot use it because it is yucky and he was not happy that I wasn’t using that to clean the cushions. It was really cute that he wanted to help me clean up the mess.

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