Deethi has tagged me for this and I love it too.

So, here are my sins against gender:

1. Playing basketball in school and play tennis now. I used to watch cricket too.
2. Love to exercise.
3. I like to work with tools.
4. Love to have wine and margarita (especially mango margarita)
5. I used to climb trees along with my friend for guavas and then we used to sit on the wall connecting both our houses to chat for hours.
6. Love driving.
7. Love to read books.
8. I am addicted to my laptop, cell phone and camera. I always tag along with my husband when we plan to buy new gadgets. I love to check out all the new ones at the store.
9. I love the baby pink color but, I equally love red, sky blue and peach colors.
10. I hate gossip and do not like to wear a lot of jewelery on a day to day basis.

I also love to cook, go shopping, gardening (I am not sure if this is manly or womanly), sewing and dressing up for an occasion.

I tag Avymom and Shree.

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  1. Never tried Mango Margarita,will do this time and will tell you how it felt.

    you know most of the women who have been tagged said they loved reading books (me too).I being to wonder who said that reading books was a man thing? whoever said that was a man for sure 🙂

    1. Yes. I am sure it was man who said books were a man thing. Now, I hardly get time to finish reading books peacefully and that makes me long for them more. Hopefully as Sarath gets older, I can squeeze in time for books too 🙂

      and the margarita, you should definitely try it. It is amazing!

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