I have already missed the blogathon posts for two days in a row!! 🙁 Well, Sanjay was sick and a lot of other reasons for missing the posts which I am not going to bore you with. But, I decided to go ahead and finish the blogathon.

Today, I went to a carnatic music concert at a temple nearby. It is a small temple and I liked it very much. The concert was supposed to start at 10:30 but they started it at 12:00!!! I took Sarath with me and he was ready to go home even before the concert started. I convinced him to sit for the first couple of songs and then we came home. I really loved being there today. I love those songs. The concert was very nice and the people singing there were awesome. It has been a while since I have been to a concert and I loved every bit of it.

Our house has been a mess for a while now. I feel like I used to be more organized when I was working full time. Now, even though I have more time in the evening, I don’t get most of the things done like I want to. It drives me crazy sometimes. I have been trying to come up with some sort of organized approach and when ever I try to organize my schedule, it just does not work. Like last week, I was all set with a schedule and was doing very nicely when Sanjay fell ill. He was coughing a lot and we had him stay home with me while I was working from home. That is never a good combination. I can neither focus completely on work or focus completely on Sanjay. He used to fall asleep at night only to wake up in an hour with a very bad cough. I sat holding him until he fell asleep. He is feeling better now but, I am still exhausted from all the nights of not sleeping properly.

Sanjay is now talking a lot in Telugu and English. His vocabulary is increasing exponentially in both languages and it is amazing to listen to him talk. We have been trying to potty train him and have been telling him that he is a big boy now and needs to use the potty. So, the other day, he simply told me that he is a big boy in the day care and a baby at home!!

Sarath is learning to read Telugu now. He is starting to read small two – three letter words and can read simple sentences. I feel so proud when I watch him read Telugu. I put in the maximum effort to teach him. We are not sending him to any Telugu school here. He is actually able to write a few alphabets in Telugu although he needs to improve a lot in the writing aspect.

Today we went to a restaurant for dinner. While we were ordering, the person taking the order asked Sarath if he would like some chicken nuggets. He then promptly told her that we are vegetarians and we don’t eat meat. I was very impressed by that.

Just wanted to write something without missing the blogathon.

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