I was having this conversation with my mom yesterday.

Me: You know amma, Sarath can now get in the high chair all by himself. He keeps doing it all the time.

My mom: Yeah. He must be getting bored at home.

Me: So, there are so many toys to play with and what if he falls down? Why can’t he play with his toys?

My Mom: How can they play with toys all the time? It must be boring. Just watch him all the time. How can a child not do such things..

These are common conversations with my parents and inlaws. They are so considerate with their grand children. They were definitely not like that when we were growing up. They had all the rules they could possibly have. But, now it is totally different.

The fact that we live so far makes it all the more difficult for them to have any rules for their grand son. We will be in India in pretty soon and I am waiting for it. I get to take some break as Sarath gets pampered by his grand parents.

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  1. Come to think of it one can definitely relate on this, grandparents are really bias on their grandsons and granddaughters. Well you can’t blame them maybe because they just want their grand kids to be attached to them and make an impression of happiness everytime they are with them.

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