Happiness is watching cousins having fun together after two and half years. We drove to my SIL’s place over the winter break and the kids had a lot of fun. We hadn’t been there after 2019 Summer thanks to Covid. It was a shot trip, but felt good to see all of them.

Happiness is watching Sanjay work on a 1000 piece puzzle all by himself. We bought him a Hogwarts castle puzzle which he is working on. I do help him sometimes, but he is making good progress by himself.

Happiness is Sarath writing his own music. He loves music and has taken up composing music and putting it up in his YouTube channel. It is amazing to see his dedication to that every week.

Happiness is getting some extra sleep on a Saturday morning!

Happiness is visiting a temple after a long time.

Happiness is kids & Som getting me flowers and cake for my birthday!

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