Another week gone in a sec. Sigh!!! I cannot believe how fast the time flies these days. I already knew that this month is going to be very busy and demanding. Added to all that I braved and took up the blogathon challenge. I missed a post yesterday but I am actually surprised that I did the first half of the month without missing. This entire week has been just too busy to even blink properly. Sleepless nights, work deadlines, being sad about missing my workouts and dealing with the kids as usual. Yesterday was a long day and I totally forgot about the blog post. After I hit the bed and was cozily snuggled under the covers, I remembered about the blog post. It was too comfortable for my sleepless brain to even think about getting up and writing.

I thought I was going to miss the post today but, somehow I made it here. This morning I was too sleepy to even get off the bed. But, the thought that it is Friday made me feel much better. I went through the entire day waiting for the evening when I can relax without worrying about getting up early tomorrow. I had planned for chole and chapati for dinner. I made the chole and was all ready to make the chapati’s when S calls me to ask if I wanted to have chat for dinner. Now, I can rarely pass up the opportunity to eat chat. So, I readily agreed. I only made the chapati’s for the kids and we ate the chat. It was a bit cold by the time S got home, but tasted amazing.

Now, the kids are in bed, I am done with all the cleaning (thanks to S for helping) and debating if I should eat some ice cream. I have only been to the gym once this week but, I think I am still going to indulge in some ice cream! I think I deserve it for surviving this week!

I almost wanted to give up the blogathon but, I decided that I am going to try to finish it. Hope all of you have a lovely weekend.

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