Two weeks back we took an unplanned trip to the mountains nearby where we could go sledding. We woke up on Sunday morning and were very happy that it was sunny. Immediately S wanted to go somewhere and we decided to go sledding. We had breakfast and headed out by 10:00 am. It was very nice drive and there was a lot of snow on the mountains. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had great views while we were driving.





Initially we could see the snow on the mountains but the trees on either side of the road were green and it was beautiful. As we drove towards the mountains, we could see snow on the side of the road and all around us.







The kids has so much fun sledding. Initially Sarath did not want to sled at all. For some reason he did not want to do it. I told him to come with me just once and then he does not have to do it anymore. After that first time, it was hard to stop him He went on the sled by himself and had fun. Sanjay was ready from the start. There are two areas for sledding – both next to each other. There is one small hill and another larger one. We initially went on the smaller hill and then at the end we went on the larger one as well.

We did not pack lunch as we did not have time in the morning. That was a big problem for us. There is not a single place we could eat unless we drove around 50 miles back towards Seattle. I mean there are restaurants nearby but I don’t think we would have had any vegetarian options there. The kids were very tired when we got back to the car and were starving. It was way past their lunch time. Luckily, I had packed some snacks for us and they gobbled up the snacks. Sanjay even fell asleep by the time we reached the restaurant. We went to an Indian restaurant which was really good.

Then we came back home in time for the Superbowl and it was fun watching the Seahawcks win the game.


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  1. Wow the pictures look absolutely stunning and big congrats on the Seahawcks win. They played brilliant. Here we had a furniture deal where you shop for 6000 USD and if Seahawcks wins you get the whole money back.

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