Before my son was born, I heard various tips and stories about many things related to kids. One main topic was food. Some of my Indian friends and cousins who had kids here told me that once the kids start going to school or daycare, they just don’t eat our Indian food anymore. I so did not want that to happen for more than one reason. I wanted my child to have a palette for various types of food and I did not want him to miss out our amazing Indian food. So, I decided I am going to introduce my kid to all types of foods and he should be able to eat anything that is offered to him. We are vegetarians. So, he needs to be a vegetarian as well.

So, when my son started solid foods, I introduced him to various flavors of fruits and veggies. When he started eating table foods, we gave him whatever we ate. He never liked to taste new foods in the beginning. We did not force him. Now at 2 years, he has a taste for a variety of foods. He loves all the Indian food that I cook. He loves spicy food. He like mac and cheese which is very bland and also loves mexican food. Me and my husband are very happy about it. Of course my son was never a fussy baby so, we only take 50% of the credit. I just hope that he has this palette as he grows up.

Now, I try to make foods healthy and tasty for all of us. I am always looking for new recipes. I will be posting all my recipes here on a regular basis. Most of these foods will be Indian foods that are easy to make and are healthy. Check back soon for some recipes. Do you have a recipe that is easy enough to make and is healthy? Leave a link to your blog in the comments.

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