I have been checking the weather regularly for the last four days. It said it is going to be sunny and 390 today. I was so happy that finally the temperatures are warming up. Every year the lake Mendota and Lake Monona freeze in winter and we always go and walk on the lake. So, we planned on doing it today. All was well until today morning.

Today I woke up only to see that there was no Sun and no hope of sun today. I immediately checked the weather and it said partly cloudy. It is 11:30 AM and I am still waiting for the sun to show up. Then I realized that we hadn’t bought snow pants for my son (which we had been planning or months now). So, until we buy that, we cannot take him in the snow or on the lake. So, now I am trying to cheer up and should probably utilize this time to scrapbook or something else.

It says tomorrow is going to be sunny. Do you think I should believe the weather man?? I am not so sure…

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