I am back from my long slumber and am ready to write regular posts again 🙂 It feels so good to be back writing. I missed it so much. So, why did I ditch my blog for the past few days?? Well, I was not well for a few days, then busy with work and then we went on a fabulous vacation to Orlando, Florida for 10 days! Yes ten days. It was amazing. Actually, DH had a conference in Orlando for a week. So, me and Sarath went along so that we could have fun in Disney world while DH went to the conference. Since DH was going from work, they gave him a paid hotel – guess where…….. right in one of the Disney resorts. Then, DH took a vacation for two days and we had fun together. We visited the four theme parks of Disney and also went to the Kennedy Space Center. We took lots of pictures and had a whole lot of fun. It was very nice to be away from home – no cooking, no cleaning, nothing. But, at the end of it, I was home sick and so was Sarath and it just felt great to be back home 🙂

It was very hot in Orlando and here it is already fall and the temperatures are cooling down really quickly. It was a harsh reality this morning when we had to go out wearing jackets, shoes and a cap. Well, now I have a lot to catch up on – my assignments, work, all the blog posts and a whole lot of house cleaning and maintenance. I am going back to my work now and will write more about our vacation in the coming days. See you soon…… 🙂

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  1. Ah! Good to see you back. and i am so jealous of you right now. 10 days of vacation. I can only dream about it for now 🙂 Waiting for the vacation post..

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