It’s been a long time since I have posted anything and I feel like I am not connected to my blog anymore. I keep thinking of all the things that I need to write. Sadly, these thoughts come when I am in the shower or when I am driving and there is no way to write down my thoughts.

I am still busy and will be until December. Since I want to post something, this post is going to be an update of all the things going on around me. Sarath has adjusted well in his new class in day care and loves it now. He is taking swimming classes through the day care. Since the classes are on the day when does not attend day care, I decided to drive him to and back from the swimming class. So, last week we went to the pool and he saw all his friends from pre-school coming in a school bus. He was so excited to see them and had lots of fun in the pool. It is amazing how the teachers can manage so many kids and these kids listen to them so nicely. The swimming instructor was very nice. She got the kids used to water and played little games with them. After the half-hour was over, Sarath was reluctant to come out of water. Since all the kids from day care are going in a school bus, we decided to drop Sarath at day care so that he can ride the bus with his friends. He loves the bus and when I told him he can ride on the bus from this week, he was overjoyed. I am a little sad because, I won’t get to take him to the swimming lessons but, I decided to do what makes him more happy 🙂

Ah… I got my first speeding ticket last week when I was driving back from the swimming lessons 🙁 The police said I was going 15 more than the speed limit and gave me a ticket for $175.00. I was very very sad that day. I have been driving here since 2003 and I drove in India for 3 – 4 years before that. I have a court date in October which is totally optional. But, DH says if I go to the court, they will definitely reduce the fine or the points and sometimes both. I got 4 points on my license now. But, the court date is on a Tuesday and Sarath stays home. So, DH has to take a day off. I am not sure if I should go to court or just send the check for the fine and be done with it. Still debating about it. The only good part about the speeding ticket is that I am driving more carefully now looking for the hiding police and speed traps.

We did the Vinayaka Chavithi in all its grandeur and I made all the festive food. My brother was with us and we ate so much food that we couldn’t even stay awake. Sarath was all excited about the pooja although he did not want to eat any of the festive food. I made bhendi curry that day and he couldn’t wait until we offered it to Ganesha. He just wanted to gobble it up and when finally I told him that he can eat, he did not want to.

Well, I need to wrap up this post here and finish my assignment before Sarath wakes up. I am loving these classes and by the end of December, I will be a pro in Flash animation and games. May be I will include some games on my blog 🙂

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  1. I get all my thoughts when I go to bed. And too lazy to get up and write then. And by my morning, I only remember bits and pieces. I wish we had a mind to blog recorder. 🙂

    Hmm..Speeding ticket. Now you will drive even more carefully, for some time..:)

    Flash games. oh wow..that sounds awesome. Show us some that you have already developed..

    1. Mind to blog recorder sounds good 🙂

      I am driving very carefully now.

      I have just written some really small ones. Nothing compared to the big fancy ones. But, I am sure I’ll get there 🙂

  2. Nice to know u hd a grand festival. Just the mention of bhendi makes my mouth water 😉
    Gud luck for ur classes and hoping to see some games here soon 🙂

  3. Talk about hitting a road block with writing. I have trying to take notes, remember- nothing, it all just melts away. I hope you continue to write often, so that we all have something to read often 🙂

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