One of my new year’s resolutions is to go to the gym regularly. It is not as easy as I think or hope it would be. Every night, I make a wow to myself that I will get up and go to the gym. But, something happens and I tend to skip it a few times every week. Yesterday, I wanted to sleep early because I wanted to get up early today. But, Sanjay woke up in the middle of the night crying. All that crying woke up Sarath and both the kids ended up being awake for almost 3 hours. Somehow, it is mostly me that has to be awake with them πŸ™ So, I missed my workout today. Hopefully, I can make it tomorrow.

But, when ever I go to the gym, there are bunch of people who inspire me to workout. These are not the same people – they are similar people.

The women with a flat tummy and nice figure – I get inspired by you and hope that one day I will have a flat tummy like you.

The obese woman who is struggling hard to exercise – I am not judging you. The sheer fact that you are in theΒ gym shows that you care about yourself. I get inspired by you as well. I know it must be much more difficult for you come and exercise compared to me. Yet you are doing it. Kudos to you.

The people who are already halfway though your workout by the time I hit the gym – kudos to you. I keep thinking that I myself am early at the gym. But, you always beat me to it.

The old people who are much better than me at working out – I feel ashamed when ever I look at you. You people are a lot older than me but are much more flexible. I just hope I will be as flexible when I get old.




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  1. You wrote my mind, Sushma πŸ™‚ A number of people who inspire us everyday πŸ™‚ Dont feel bad about missing today’s workout. It was not intentional and could not have been avoided. So chill.

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