that life is peaceful, something happens doesn’t it? Yesterday we got an email from our landlord saying that they want to sell the house we are currently renting. Sigh!! When we moved in here, we were very happy. We decided not to move at least for two years. We chose the best possible school for Sarath. We are in fact very happy with the school. Now, we have to move by the end of August which gives us about a month to find a house, move and settle down before school starts. If we get another house of apartment in the same school area, it will be fine. Otherwise, we also have to deal with transferring Sarath to another school.

Yesterday S saw the mail first and from his reaction, I was scared that something bad had happened. I was very upset about it too. But, surprisingly I handled it very well. Usually, I get really worried about everything and then eventually I will calm down. But yesterday, I handled it well. S seemed more upset than me.

All I wanted to do for the next few weeks was to take kids to the park and other places before school starts. We were planning to go somewhere for every weekend in August. Now, I guess we have to spend at least a little bit of time house hunting. We already saw a town home today. There are a few negative points but I thought we could adjust. S is not very sure about it. This whole house renting business is really painful.

The kids don’t know much but Sarath knows that we are probably going to move. They are excited. Sometimes I really want to be a kid again. Care free life with small issues like wanting to watch TV all day or eat candy anytime etc. Every little thing excites them and they actually cope up with changes much faster than us.

Anyway, so that is the story of our life. Moving, moving and moving. After this move, I will probably be able to write a lot of tips on how to pack effectively while dealing with two kids 🙂 Please wish us good luck. We are going to need all the luck we can get.

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  1. Aargh! That’s tough. Before we found a house, I was in the same boat. So many uncertainties. Trust me I know. But I feel now that I have stressed over nothing. It will all go smooth anyway. So, take it easy. Its going to be fine. 🙂 Let me know if you need any help.:)

    1. Thanks DIL! I know it will all be okay and we will adjust. It’s just the stress of finding a good home and the bigger stress of packing, moving and unpacking.

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