We got this book from the library last week. Sanjay just picked it up and wanted it. I guess he was attracted by the cover of the book. It is really a very nice book about our emotions and how we can express them. It is very simple that even Sanjay can follow it and also very nice for Sarath.

There is a boy named Kevin who talks about his emotions and the entire book is about the different emotions Kevin feels at different times. The book also has some very nice examples with illustrations and simple words for the kids to understand. The examples are about everyday things – like going to school and how it might make the kids feel, going for a hair cut etc.. It is written in very simple words.

The book also has different scenes and the kids can tell if that scene makes them angry, scared, happy etc… Sanjay loves that book so much. It is well above his level but he wants us to read that book atleast 2 – 3 times everyday. He loves to look at the pictures in the book and understands most of it.

While I am reading that book, I stop in between and talk to the kids (especially Sarath) about how our actions make our friends feel mad at us or how we get angry or sad sometimes and how we can deal with all that. With the book, it seemed very simple to talk to him about all that.

I would definitely recommend this book to kids 2.5 and above.


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