It has been a while since I wrote anything here. Life has changed a lot in the past few months. I was really busy with work before the delivery. In fact, I had a project due on the day I delivered Sanjay. Luckily I had the finished the project a couple of days earlier and so everything went smoothly. Sanjay was born two weeks early. We weren’t expecting that. Sarath was born a week after my due date. So, this time around, I was sure that the baby will not come before my due date. Anyways he was early and was born on Mother’s day weekend. What a nice surprise for Mother’s day 🙂 I was glad that he was born and I am not pregnant anymore.

Sanjay is an easy baby just like Sarath. The first couple of weeks at home were a little stressful as everybody was adjusting. I had a C-Section and was recovering and added to that I had a really bad cough. Sanjay would be up at night and had to be fed every hour some days. But, after those couple of weeks, it started getting better. He is a happy baby now. As long as he is fed on time and rocked to sleep, he is a happy baby. Does not fuss at all. He sleeps really well at nights. He does wake up to feed but falls asleep right away. On the few days that he wants to stay up at night, I hand him over to my mom and I sleep peacefully. It is nice to have parents around to help. My parents are here for 3 more weeks. After that it is going to be a little difficult.

Sanjay has grown a lot in the past two months. He can now recognizes faces and smiles. He coos a lot and when he wakes up in the middle of the night to feed, he wants to talk to me. It is so cute 🙂

Sarath has adjusted really well to his baby brother. He hasn’t shown much jealousy at all. He loves his little brother and wants to kiss him all the time. He helps me with diaper changes and also tells me that he can take care of his little brother. Every morning he has to kiss Sanjay first. Gone are the days when I used to get a nice tight hug and kiss in the mornings. As soon as he comes home from Day Care, he goes to wash his hands and legs and then comes running to kiss Sanjay. It is really cute to see him interact.

He has been throwing some temper tantrums and has trouble eating food on most days now. Hopefully it is a phase and he will be out of it soon. We have attributed all this behavior to the arrival of his little brother. Hopefully in a month or so, he will adjust and will be back to normal. Sarath has actually crossed a few milestones in the past few months. He is able to read Engligh and Telugu words.He can write all the letters and numbers. He surprises us by reading really big words. Any word he sees, he has to read it. His reading level has amazed us many times. We keep challenging him to try to read new words everyday.

He is writing a lot too. But, the only problem with him is that he does not have the patience to sit down and write words. If I tell him to read, he is all for it. He is now also doing single digit additions really quick. He loves doing them too.

I have recovered completely now and am back to my normal self. I even started exercising but, I need to be more serious in this aspect. The only problem now is the sleeplessness. I just have to get used to it. Since I work as a freelancer from home, I kind of took a break from my work right now. I am planning to get back to it sometime next month. So, life is about to get super busy.

Wow this is a long post. Hopefully I will get more time in the coming days to write regularly. Until then, bye…..

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  1. Nice to see you back to blogging, I am glad you all are back to schedule and life is some what routine. Will watch out this space for more posts now 🙂

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