The move is happening and is happening fast. Since the company S works for gives us the relocation services, we thought we could take it. We took that service when we moved to Seattle and the process was really easy and stress free. So, we were planning to go with that now as well. But, by the time they contacted us, it was a bit too late. They said they cannot do the move until the 1st week of July. We needed to be out of here by the end of June. Even if we could find a way to make it happen in July, they said our stuff will not be delivered to us almost until the 3rd week of July. We would move into our home in California and stay there for about 3 weeks of more with bare minimum stuff. So, we were not happy with the idea. So, we decided to go with the option of them paying us the money and we doing the move ourselves.

So, we ended up taking another service. By the time we decided to go with them, we had about one week to finish the packing. I never would have thought we could do it. We actually finished packing in 1 week. The movers came on Saturday and everything was loaded and sent away. The only things they couldn’t fit was three of our bikes. The house is now empty except for a few comforters, some kitchen stuff and my beloved plants. We are planning to drive to CA and I get to take my plants with me.¬†We bought a bike rack so that we can take those bikes with us. We are now wrapping up stuff here.

It feels weird to leave this place, but at the same time I just want to wrap up everything quickly and leave. I am just ready to finish the move and settle down in our new place. The kids are done with school now and they were pretty excited when the movers were here. But, they have very few toys and books and now they are super bored. I don’t blame them. Yesterday we went to get the bike rack and when it was time for dinner, we didn’t want to come home at all. Myself and S are bored in this empty house now. So, we went to a Thai restaurant. The food was good and we ate way too much.

We now have a week before we have to be in CA. So, we might just visit some places around here before we move out of Washington.



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