I am very sorry that I did not come and write here for so long. Sorry that I did not share so many things with you. Yet you are here patiently waiting for me. I do take advantage of you sometimes right?

So many things happened in the last couple of months. The best thing of all is that I am now working as a freelancer! Yay! When I quit my job, I was hoping to work freelance so that I would have some flexibility in my work and personal life. I was not sure how long it would be before I got any clients. I had also decided to take on projects after the kids started school in the fall. When did anything go according to my plan? So, thanks a lovely person I have a bunch of projects in my hand now. I talked to her only briefly a few months back. She has apparently recommended me to at least a dozen people. She knew very little about me personally. She saw my work and recommended me highly to all the people. Even though I did not want to work until September, I started getting projects from August itself. So, talking to clients, working from home while the kids were on summer vacation, entertaining the kids left me very little time. Add to this finding a new apartment and moving – it was all just suffocating at times.

Inspite of all the chaos, we had a great summer. Our trip to India was as usual and our trip to London was amazing. We just had so much fun there. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to quit my job and stay home for the summer. It was wonderful. The kids enjoyed that more than me. They slept until 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning some days. They watched TV, played all sorts of games and made a huge mess every day. They played with bubbles on the deck and had Popsicles, smoothies and ice cream when ever they wanted to. Sarath read a lot of books and I read a lot of books to Sanjay. Even though we did not go to the library as much as we wanted to, we had a fresh stack of books from India (thanks to both sets of grandparents 🙂 ). We read and re-read many books. It was really a fun summer.

After the long summer, when schools finally started two weeks back, we were all very happy. Sarath missed his friends and Sanjay started a new pre-school. I was relieved to be finally able to get some breathing time and work in peace. The kids have adjusted to the new class and new teacher. I will admit that after the long summer, it is hard to snap back to a routine where I need to cook and pack boxes in the morning.

This year the weather is really good well into September. Usually by this time, it is already cold and raining. Last two weekends were unusually warm and we went biking and generally spent a lot of time outdoors on the trail which is very close to us now. Last Sunday Sarath wanted to go biking to a nearby park which was 2 miles away. I was not sure if he would be able to bike that far but he was determined. So, off we went. Sanjay sat on the bike seat attachment to S’s bike and I rode my bike. Halfway to the park, we took the wrong path and ended up somewhere else. Eventually, we did go to the park. So, at the end of it we biked 6 miles! Sarath was so proud of himself and was very happy. I was so proud of him too!

Here are some pics from our bike ride. I took these pics while riding the bike myself 🙂




The coming weekend is supposed to be warm again. Hoping to go on another bike ride! See you soon.

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  1. Beautiful. I was very happy to see the kids ride the bike in the park last week. 🙂 Your post makes me want to take break from work when next summer works. Awesome you picked up new projects. 🙂

    1. I was happy that we met at the park 🙂

      If you can, you should really take a break from work. It is relaxing in a way and feels good 🙂

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