Shree tagged me and now I am set to write my first Hi 5 tag.

5 pathetically horrible movies you have seen:

I haven’t been watching any movies lately. Even during my India trip, I watched a couple of good Hindi and Telugu movies. So, very hard to come up with horrible movies.

5 accessories you can create out of food:

1. Cheerios Necklace – Add cheerios to cooked thin spaghetti noodles. It makes a nice necklace and goes with any outfit.

2. Olive rings – Remove the seeds from olives and put them onto any finger it fits on to.

3. Spinach leaves tied together can be worn around the waist as a tribal dress or accessory

4. Blackberry earrings

5. Onion bangles

5 Places where you won’t be seen dead at:

1. Any place that is lonely.

2. Extremely hot or cold places – like Arizona in summer or Alaska in winter

3. Fish market – I am a born vegetarian and I cannot stand the smell of uncooked meat

4. Any place I cannot connect with friends and family – I need to have a phone or at least regular email access

5. Any sports stadium – I hardly watch sports and even that I always prefer to watch it on TV

5 People you would love to hit anytime anywhere:

1. Child kidnappers

2. Eve teasers and sexual abusers

3. People who carry on ridiculous traditions in the name or religion or culture

4. People who spit and throw trash on roads

5. People who discriminate between men and women

5 Things you’d do to scare anybody:

1. Put a scary face mask and wake up a person

2. Dance in front of them

That’s all I could come up with. Very hard to scare people.

OMG, it is soooo difficult to answer these tags. As I do not have many regular readers for my blog yet, I am not going to tag anybody for now.

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