This is my umpteenth attempt to revive my blog. I had so many plans of moving to a self hosted site. I bought the domain and have had it ready for a while. I finally made the switch now.

Life has become really busy after moving to CA. Not sure what the difference is. I guess having both kids in elementary school and having so many things to do and keep track of is taking a toll on me.

The kids do not even have many activities during the week or the weekend. We just go to either the YMCA or the playground every day.

Now that summer break is here, all of us have more free time. No morning routines!! Yay!! The kids mostly keep themselves occupied. Of course I give them some summer work to do which keeps them busy for a bit. Hoping to revive all my hobbies before school starts again.

Oh well… There are a bunch of drafts waiting to be published. I will probably start there.

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