I am currently enjoying my vacation in India. Me and my son traveled for more than 30 hours before we finally reached my parents home in Hyderabad. It was a long journey and both of us are tired. Managing a toddler for 30 hours without much sleep is very painful I went through that last year but decided to do it again so that he can spend some time with his grand parents. My in-laws live right next door here. So, my son has fun with both the grand parents.

It has been two days since I reached here and I am still very very tired. So, tired that I do not even want to look at a computer or a TV. My eyes are always sleepy. My son is experiencing the jet lag and he doesn’t even know what it is. He is over tired, over stimulated and very sleepy day and night. He slept all day yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night at 2:30. He slept for a long time during the day today and all our efforts to wake him up went down the drain. He became so cranky that he did not want to have dinner.He loves to be on a schedule everyday. He is usually never fussy about anything. I hate to see him like this. This almost makes me want to go back to our own sweet home.

My son is missing his dad. Last year, he did not miss his dad so much. This time, he started missing him half way through our trip. We had a layover in London, and my son started asking for his dad. It took a whole lot of effort from me to get him to think about something else.

The reason we are here is for my brother-in-law’s wedding. While I am here, I am also attending some other house warming ceremonies. I rarely get a chance to get dressed and go to a function in the US. So, I am loving it. I will be kind of busy for a couple of weeks and then will be away from my computer and email world for a week during the wedding.

My plan is to take lots of pictures while I am in India and enjoy the food made by my mom (and also hope not to gain any more pounds).

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