We welcomed the New Year at my brother-in-law’s house. They had a baby boy recently. My sister-in-law and her kids had come too. It was a fun week of cousins playing and fighting together. We had so much fun with the little one. He is a sweet baby. The four big kids shouted so much but the little one did not mind. He slept peacefully when he wanted to. Even when he was awake, he loved watching the kids play and he loved all the attention. We were afraid that Sanjay would not let me hold the baby and he would be very jealous. He surprised us all by not caring at all. He did not care if I held the baby or helped with the baby’s bath or anything at all. He played very nicely with the baby and acted all big boyish.

Sarath also loved to play with the little one but he was more occupied with playing with his other cousins. My sister-in-law’s kids are closer to Sarath’s age. So, all the three of them had lots of fun. They stayed up late watching tv or telling secrets that we were not supposed to know or just lazing around. The one thing they did not want to do was to eat.

On New Year’s eve, the kids were watching TV and I was telling them to go to bed. My sister in law wanted them to stay up until midnight. We were flying back to Seattle on Jan 1st. So, I was a little hesitant on letting the kids stay up late. But, she was very particular about it and I said fine. At about 11:30, Sanjay was very sleepy and he wanted me to lie down beside him. So, I did. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law thought that I was going to bed and kept asking me not to sleep yet. I told them I will stay up until midnight but, felt a little weird. When the clock struck 12 and we wished happy new year to each other, that’s when I knew the entire story of why they wanted everyone to stay up until midnight.

Jan 2nd is our wedding anniversary and since we were flying back on the 1st, they got us a cake πŸ™‚ It was so sweet of them. But, the funny part was that when they bought the cake, there was no one at the store to write our names on the cake. So, they went to buy a writing gel tube to write our names. But, they actually bought the frosting tube instead of the writing gel. None of them were able to write with it. So, they gave us the blank cake and told us the entire story. I learn’t cake decorating before Sanjay was born. So, my sister in law told me that I can write on it if I want to. So, I took the frosting tube and wrote both of our names on the cake and surprisingly it looked very good. Then we cut the cake, ate it at 1:00 in the morning in the midst of laughter and happiness.Β It was an amazing start to the new year and a great anniversary celebration.

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