I used to make New Year Resolutions when I was in school and college. In the past few years, I had stopped making resolutions as I know I will forget about them in a few days. But, this year I think I need to have a few resolutions so that I give up some bad habits and make some good ones. Writing them here makes them real. I am also hoping that I will strive to achieve them so that next year, I can write about what I accomplished. So here are my resolutions:

1. Stop Procrastinating: This is one of my very bad habits. I put things away as much as possible and tend to do them at the very end when I have no choice. I keep doing this with my work as well. Especially if there is something that is not straight forward, I tend to postpone it. I am hoping to totally get rid of this habit. I have already started working towards it but, I need a lot of motivation to make this a habit.

2. Spend more time with the kids: This is something I have done a lot in the past year and would like to do more this year as well. I want to do some art projects with them, take them outdoors to sledding or skiing and generally spend some one-on-one quality time with them. They are growing up too fast and I really want to create some good memories πŸ™‚

3. Make health a priority:Β Last year, I put a lot of effort to making healthy food at home. I got pretty good at making a variety of foods that are easy for the kids to eat at lunch and are healthy. This year I am going to add going to the gym and getting fit a priority. Myself and S have started going to the gym since November. We have been pretty good at it – S more than me. Initially I thought losing weight and the fat around my tummy should be the priority. But, if I don’t lose weight, I do not want to get discouraged. I want to keep exercising. So, getting fit is my goal.

4. Lose my fear of speaking: I have a big fear of speaking in front of an audience. But, since I am working for myself, I need to market myself to get more work. That involves a lot of talking to people and networking which I am not good at. I do not know where to start but, I vowed to myself that I will get better at it.

5. Spend more time on my hobbies: I love scrap-booking and sewing. I haven’t been making time to do any of those in the past couple of years. I miss that a lot. I already have plans of sewing quilts for the kids. I need to somehow make time to do that.

I think that is enough resolutions for this year. So, let’s see how much I can do this year.

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