Today Sarath made a bold statement in the morning – “amma, I will not cry today. I will play in the pre-school while you and nanna are in the office”. I was happy and praised him all the while thinking about the crying scene that I was about to witness in the pre-school. He told his dad that he was not going to cry today. When we entered pre-school, he was very happy. He asked us to go to the office and not a single tear! He was not even feeling bad that we were leaving. He was more than happy to see his teachers and friends and gave us a cheerful goodbye 🙂

It is amazing how fast kids adjust to new situations. He talks about pre school all the time. Now, he remembers the names of his friends and all the fun stuff he does there. The days when he stays home, that’s all he talks about. He is picking up English at an amazing rate. He can already say sentences and even translates from one language to another. He also remembers to talk to us in Telugu and when he goes out, he immediately changes to English. I am so happy about it. I do feel I had a hand in getting him to understand the differences in languages and I am proud of it.

I really wish I could be as flexible and adjust to any situation like Sarath. That would make my life much more simpler and happy!

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  1. kids are the best when it comes to teaching 6 year old noticed that i was angry the other he walked up to me and gave me the most stupid smile and a tight hug and my anger went puff! Sarath will teach you a lot while growing,i am sure you are enjoying it and are proud of the little fella.

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