Sanjay was getting ready in the morning and was in a really good mood. He was singing all the rhymes that he knows. He is now trying to manipulate the songs with his own words and finds it very funny. Β He was singing “If you happy and you know it..” and he saw me and instantly changed it to “If you are amma and you know it, clap your hands..”.

Sarath was building something with his blocks. I am working on my laptop.

Sarath: amma, do you like this machine I made?

Me: What machine is that?

Sa: It is a people grinder.

Me: What? I don’t like grinding people.

Sa: But, it will only grind the bad guys and robbers.

Me: Bad guys and robbers are also people who made bad choices. We don’t grind people because they make bad choices.

He stays calm for a few min and then comes to me.

Sa: Now, I built a wet grinder for you.

Me: That’s nice, I like a wet grinder.

His face lit up with a smile.

We have an apple tree in our backyard and there are at least a 100 apples on the tree now. Me and S were talking about what we will do with so many apples. Sarath immediately said, “lets’ sell those apples. I will put up an apple stand in front of our garage”. When I told him we can give away the extra apples to our friends, he did not like it. He says, then we won’t get any money for our apples.

He really wants to sell apples and make a lot of money.

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